From resplendent, dramatic Tuscany to the dirty bowels of Berlin. From elegant High-Def to raw, old-school video. From digital animation to naturalistic celluloid. From music videos to feature films. From RED 4K cameras to DSLRs on the run. It's not the medium, it's the message. Tell a story and set your imagination free ...

Albrecht Ollendiek - Sneakin' Up On You

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An old video cassette from 1968 is found in a warehouse in New York City ... a worn-out time-travel tape that anticipates a fabulous Albrecht Ollendiek Winter Collection in the far-off 21st century future ... what is reality and what is a time-travel dream? Inspired by the fantastic Couture of Albrecht Ollendiek.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Passione Automobilistica

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The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a beautiful work of motoring art, and it is captured in its full glory as it flashes through city streets, prowls the rural landscape, and roars into the open highway ... transporting two lovers into a passionate experience.

Anastasia Liebe - Once Upon Yesterday's Dream

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Anastasia Liebe creates Couture that inspires dreams and invokes romantic, exquisite glamour. Filmed at the resplendent Schloss Vollrads in Germany's magical Rheingau region, "Once Upon Yesterday's Dream" is a film that is a fable in the form of a reverie... and proof that beauty is created by a light in the heart.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430 Roadster

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The Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430 is a pure, raw, and potent yet cultivated driving machine. This film sets new standards as it constructs an Origin Story for the unique automobile - from its birth in the racing pits of the Nürburgring 24-Hour race to its present conception as an exotic street Roadster - exploring the boundaries between Engineering, Design, and Pure Emotion.

Heureux celui qui meurt d'aimer - Cinescope

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Inspired by the stunning Couture of Albrecht Ollendiek. A love story..."Happy is the one who dies of loving". To love so strongly, That he does not need anything, Apart from the memory of the roses, Perfumed of you forever, The one who dies even with pain, To whom without you the world is an illusion, And retains from it nothing else but your colors, It's enough for him that he named you...

Style Award

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The Frankfurt Style Award is a special event, which promotes young creative talent and distinguishes the best new global Fashion Designers annually, is an increasingly important event for the European fashion industry. As Executive Creative Director of the Frankfurt Style Award, Alexander Ackley leads the annual event into the international stage and creates the future template for a spectacular Gala event that will resonate globally and create new stars in the Fashion world.

VITA LUXE - The Art Of Luxury (Full Film)

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A Luxury Lifestyle journey, VITA LUXE presents luxury as the supreme form of self-expression and redefines the art of luxury as exclusivity, privacy - and most precious of all - time. VITA LUXE is the rediscovery of the true essence of sumptuous living and the ultimate "insider" guide to this epicurean realm.

Kreher Consulting

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Management is demanding. Management carries responsibility for the fact that all parts must fit and function. Management makes decisions. This is a privilege and an obligation. A multitude of things are to be taken into consideration. Many partners and aspects are in movement and interoperate. It is complex. Management has the task to recognize all this, to order and to form. Responsible guidance is therefore always Complexity-Management.

Landhaus Hotel Waitz

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Written and directed by Edward Park, the film presents the a story of a weekend at the lovely Landhaus Hotel Waitz in Mühlheim am Main, Germany. The comfort and easy elegance of the traditional Hessen-style hotel is featured in the intertwining stories of the guests... a treat for the eyes...

Heureux celui qui meurt d'aimer - Full-Screen

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Inspired by the Couture of Albrecht Ollendiek. A love story..."Happy is the one who dies of loving". Oh my garden of fresh water and shadow, My dance of being, my dark heart, My sky of countless stars, My smallboat in the distance, sweet to row, Happy is the one who becomes deaf, To the song if it isn’t the one of his love, Blind to the day after his day, His eyes closed only on you...

Aston Martin V12 VANTAGE S

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Powerful, yet graceful. Raw, yet refined. Savage, yet elegant. A dazzling blend of glamour, adrenaline and pure aggression. The ASTON MARTIN V12 VANTAGE S is an automobile created for the individual who wants maximum sporting performance in a sophisticated package. It is the most muscular driving machine ASTON MARTIN has ever created. The V12 VANTAGE S is a breathtakingly beautiful beast.

Helmut Weipert - DRIVE !

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Actor, model, and professional driver Helmut Weipert is filmed in myriad European locations — spanning from Scandinavia down to the Mediterranean coast — driving through breathtaking scenery and glamorous settings on various high-performance automobiles ... a kinetic ride and a treat for the eyes.

VITA LUXE - The Art of Luxury (Film Trailer)

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Imagine a guy like James Bond has retired...

A dashing and cosmopolitan man of the world has lived out his fantastic adventures, and now he wants to take you to all the glamorous, fascinating and exotic locales and introduce you to the luxury, the cultures, the people, the craftsmanship, and the beauty that he found.  This is VITA LUXE.

Lufthansa Super Star - A Legend Returns ...

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There was a time when the passion for flight drove man to create an aircraft of such splendor and beauty that the stars and the skies looked upon it ... and smiled. There was a time when elegance, style, and luxury were part of passenger flight. The Lufthansa Super Star was more than just an airplane - it was a conduit to the stars ... and the most beautiful manifestation of man's dreams of flight. A Legend returns ...


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Sometimes things happen in lives that change everything. What was once love turns to disappointment and finally to contempt. Bonds that once held two souls together are damaged, loosened, and then broken. Paradise is lost. This is a story ...

Silvia Decke - Architecture + Interior Design

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Simple beauty, timeless design, and well thought-out functionality always assert themselves in the long term. Design concepts of consequence and conviction are arrived at only when instinct supersedes reason and all alternatives disappear. Compromises are not contemplated – time is precious and not to be squandered looking for alternative solutions. Ultimately, the power to change and improve and beautify our surroundings lies in our own hands.

Anna Maria Kaufmann - Portrait of a Diva

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Anna Maria Kaufmann is a Diva. One of the most beautiful and captivating voices of our time, she is a symbol of elegance and an enduring musical genius. Her career as a famous Opera and Musical Theater star has taken Anna Maria Kaufmann to the biggest concert and musical theater stages in the world. Here an intimate behind-the-scenes protrait of Anna Maria on tour ...

House Williams - Second Chance

Did you ever wake up to find a day that broke up your mind?
Destroyed any notions of circular time?
Then get the breakdown blues!
Fantastic hopelessness meets sleazy desperation.
Lurid sex, baked beans, and failed suicides.
No one gets a second chance. And no one gets out alive...

House Williams - Second Chance (Director's Cut)

This is the video as it was meant to be seen. A man. A woman. A Boy Toy. Parallel lives. A woman from wealth. A man from the streets. Each heading for the bottom in their own unique way. Decadence. Regret. Self-abuse. What happens when dreams do not come true but continue to torture us? Some take this way out ...

4 Sport Life - Shaker Pro (Digital Animation)

This brilliant animation by Alex Ebel is featured on our award-winning website for 4 Sportlife.

Ideenberger - Spider Bottle (Digital Animation)

Yet another superb digital animation by Alex Ebel. This one is featured on the Spider Bottle website we created.

Kreher Cube Animation


3D Interactive Animation for the Kreher Cube Film created by PORTFOLIO X's Michael Bendit.